Friday, January 22, 2010

New Year - New Blogging

I am going to start all over again from this  year of course as having lost my website and all it's info due to the web host having a major distaster - I can't begin to retrace the five previous years of daily posts.

Instead I am going to start my veggie, cooking, garden, chicken, and everything else not related  to my arty crafty hobbies, once again on here.

Do leave a comment so that I can 'Follow' your progress over the   year and keep up today with how you are getting on, and compare notes.


  1. Hi there,good luck with it and your good intentions!

  2. So pleased to find you flourishing and ready for Spring again Lottie! Have stopped blogging myself for various reasons, but pleased to see others with more fortitude.

    Belated happy New Year to you and Pat.



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