Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chick Flicks............ Egg Total:2

Scrabble and Gozzie - the old girls looking at me looking at them

All the new bantams- yet to be named, seem to be happy in their
new surroundings.  Daisy the old lady and top of the pecking order
and bigger than all of them - even though she is a small Pekin
seems to be very tolerant of them all.  Perhaps it is because
there are five new birds - too many to chase around or boss.

The Sebrights make my heart melt- look at those ink dot eyes

Darling Daisy showing off her petticoates, as she is scratching around
like the rest - for some dried meal worms I threw in.

Almost identical but not quite. The new girl on the left and Scrabble on the right

Getting on well together.

These have found a quiet corner where there are more meal worms

Hello Scrabble, Gozzie and Daisy - it's no good looking at me
with those pleading eyes.  Honestly I do want to let you out and
hate seeing you 'caged' in your run, but it's all for the best.
As soon as the new girls get to know where to come home to roost
I can let you all out.

Don't sulk- you are old enough to know better.  If it's any consolation
I am upset too - as I love to see you all running around the garden.

Daisy has gone off in a sulk - no doubt to complain to the new ones

Who don't seem at all bothered and don't have a clue what she is
clucking about as they have never free ranged before. They are all
show girls, so never got filthy scratching around in the soil on a wet day.
 Never had a tug of war over a juicy worm, or run helter skelter from the other end
 of the garden to the kitchen door, to see what delights are in store from the humans

For now they can just listen - not having a clue what I am talking about
or of the delights in store for them next Thursday.
The right to roam!

But for now - they are happily sitting quite contentedly on the perch,
watching the world go by and the rain pattering on the patio


  1. glad to see you are posting again, I was worried about you. Patsy

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Ah they are sweet. Good to see the others have friends now. ;-)

    Mo xx


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