Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Great fun making balls

Last night I went to a nearby village for a workshop on making Christmas Tree decorations. I had a great time, and everyone was very friendly. It was put on by the NAFAS Flower Club that I belong too. Each month we see a professional demonstrator doing flower arrangements and it is great. This month we did something different.

Silly me forgot all about it as I mentioned in yesterday’s BLOG, so unusually for me, did not do any preparation work.

For the project we need to cover a dry foam ball with tissue paper before the workshop.

To make the balls we needed material, braid, ribbons, anything to decorate the ball with, plus of course glue, pins, scissors etc.

I had hurried looked though my junk box of bits and pieces I saved for card making and luckily found a piece of red material, some bits of ribbon (but not enough as it turned out) and little glass bits.

Those who did the proper preparation bought all sorts of materials, tassels, beads, sequins, and ribbons.

If any of you want to know how to make them – just get in touch with me via the comments box, with your email address, and I will type up how we made them, and scan a template in for the material. They were great fun to do and look very professional.

I bought five more balls so that I can make all different ones. I have a blind penfriend and thought that it would make a nice present – using different textures, like velvet, silk, and maybe different beads; at least it would be original. I might even spray it with perfume or try drops of aromatherapy oil.

This is the one I did out of odds and ends but I haven't finished it yet. I will add a tassle and some more glass bits.

The photos do not do the balls justice actually, as they really look good and sparkle in the light. My camera flash has blotted out the rich gold textured strips, the thick braid ribbon that is covered in little gold and pearl beads, the red and gold glass diamonds have a mirror type effect too. Not bad for a first effort I thought. Will look better finished.

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