Friday, October 28, 2005

The days are getting better all the time - so much good news.

bJust had a nice chat with Mrs M who is responsible for the allotments. She is happy for me to keep my chooks up the lottie, so wait until next summer! Her daughter has just bought some so Mrs M is going to find out where, and she knows where to get the food from - now there is a lovely lady. It is great living in a village!!

My new neighbour sounds like he will be good, as he works as a groundsman for a nearby council. As he is at work, that will explain why I haven't seen him yet - evenings and weekends, and we need a dry sunny weekend, but not forecast for this one, so I will have to be patient!

An advert is going into the Parish magazine advertising the vacant lotties, and also to remind all the lottie holders to keep theirs in good order and to pay their rent on time! No harm in that, is there, it is only right and proper after all? So next year should be good. Wouldn't it be wonderful it they were all being cared for and growing veggies etc.

By now you will know that I can see things through rose tinted glasses, with a romantic optimism that is not always realistic, but you never know do you? It only takes a bit of interest and enthusiasm for it to rub off onto others!

It is going to be great. So if someone out there lives in a village not far from Attleborough, Wymondham, or Watton, and wants an allotment....check out your parish magazine or the village notice boards, because it may be your village and you could have one or part of one and get to meet me! Poor soul!

A bit of useless information that I read a number of years ago.

Women use far more exclamation marks than men! I bet it was a man that wrote that! And what is wrong with it !!!!! huh? I have no hangups using them!!!

It is probably because the men can't find where they are!!

So for all of those lovely guys who call out,'Have you seen where the ! is?'

I am going to shout back and tell you

'IT IS OVER THE 1' !!!!!!!

Yes I did use more of them on purpose just to make you smile

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