Friday, October 28, 2005

A different use for a pumpkin this weekend

Been out to play this afternoon and here is the end result.

I put a bowl inside the pumpkin upsidedown and wedged it with cellophane paper.

I laid another piece on top overlapping the edge and wedged in an oasis block sliced in half.

Then I just went wild! This is an undulating flower arrangement in a real green pumpkin that I grew myself. The foliage and sedum and rudbeckia seed heads are home grown too.

It is supposed to be interesting inasmuch as the flowers and foliage are all at different heights and angles and textures so are not uniform as they usually are. I was the only one that turned up with a real pumpkin - everyone else had posh bowls!

But I love it. It is full of the memories of all those hours chipping it out and the funny failure of my first attempt. I think it was worth it do you?

When I look at these photos in years to come I will remember getting up early in the morning doing all that cutting, chopping, roasting, mashing, and pulping of pumpkins!

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