Monday, April 07, 2014

2014 Allotment update.

My goodness we have been having some bad weather !  The Sahara 'smog' was bad in our area of Norfolk which prevented me from doing any work up my allotment last week - but there  has been progress over the weekend!
 This end of the allotment is ready to continue planting.
Just a little bit of weeding along the right hand edge 
where weeds are growing through the wire!
What a difference it has made getting rid of the runner bean posts which split up the plot, and made it more difficult to work.  And I have also got rid of the grass paths which were a
pain, at it was hard mowing along them.  Now I will pull up some more of the black rubber 'tread' (from the other end of my plot which we 'inherited' many years ago on this site together with enough rubbish to fill skips!) - and recycle them as paths up this end. 
 Easier maintenance and less work for me!

 I just need the rain to stop and the soil to dry out a bit so that I can finish planting the spuds!

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  1. Progress, well done!
    The pollution levels and the Sahara dust last week played havoc with my chest!
    Much better now the wind and rain have driven most of it away.
    Wishing I can get my patch dug over and planted up. slowly...........

  2. Anonymous10:20 pm

    It looks fantastic Lottie, all lovely and clear and ready for planting :) Take and don't overdo it my friend.


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