Friday, September 21, 2012

This week I have.......

 Cleaned out the chickens
 Mowed all the lawns front and back
 Did some weeding of the flower beds
 Had to spread the mowing over several days due to the weather
 Still have some flowers - this  fuschia is looking spectacular and very tall
Alstromeria are regrown and flowering again after been cut right down
 The duck gets to see daylight again
 Moved everything around in our little conservatory/diner/laundry room - to fit my keyboard in - I need to practice every day, and would not do that if it stayed in the studio at the end of the garden during the winter
 More mowing

 Some flower arranging today - done in the garage as there isn't much room elsewhere
 The gladioli arrived yesterday in tight bud, but overnight are just starting to open up - they'll look a picture by Monday
Spent another 3 hours up the allotment, took lots of photos with my little camera - but had a malfunction so nothing to show for it.   Mr Lottie dug up the last row of potatoes which are now in sacks and hanging in the garage.  We have another three full carrier bags of French and Runner beans to prepare for freezing, and have cooked another 20lb of mixed veggies yesterday, and apart from all the veggies mentioned in the previous post with roast veggies, this one has mushrooms pumpkin and lots of french beans, bagged them up and put them in the freezer this morning.  The above is a curry flavour one.

Heavy rain today - but still achieved lots!

Off to the 'pictures' tonight in a village hall a few miles away to see The Best Exotic Magnolia Hotel.

Could do with a laugh - taking cushions for backs and botties as the seats are so hard!

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