Saturday, September 15, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 81 hrs He: 68 hrs

 Lots of squash still needed picking on this plant
 The potato plot is looking a bit parched
The soil was rock hard - but we decided to attack the weeds and have another go at digging up spuds
 I dug up the weeds
 And made a big pile for a bonfire
 Mr Lottie dug up the spuds - we have one more row to dig up hence the yellow marker
 We have a nice row of parsnips to look forward too.

 How parched the lawn looks now that I have mowed it!
Another pile of courgettes, squash and marrow to roast.

How  I missed that huge marrow last time I do not know!
Potatoes left out for a few hours in the sun for their skins to harden.
We were rather disappointed with the yield from tow and a half rows.
But we realised how lucky we were, as everyone else had Blight or their crops were ruined by slugs!
So the mere fact that we had a crop of maincrop spuds at all is a miracle.
We are still eating our early Rocket potatoes - which are larger than these and gorgeous!
 Whilst I was working my socks off, grading and putting into sacks my pototoes
My chickens were 'chilling out' under the hedges - nice life huh?

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  1. Great to see the hens!

    I'm very grateful for our potatoes too!

    Keep on posting! :0)


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