Sunday, September 16, 2012

Harvest Cookup

 You can see the above photo on yesterday's post.
 I really didn't intend to 'process' all the veggies - I ache from yesterday's hard physical work up the allotment!
 But I decided to get them done whilst still absolutely fresh with the help of Mr Lottie
When we sorted out the potatoes there were lots of tiny ones - and we couldn't just throw them away, so Mr L washed them and I put them into the mix as well.
Absolutely delicious roasted vegetable mixes are such joy in the dark winter months.
 So I shall be busy tomorrow weighing and bagging these
 Remember the big trays with lids that the school dinner ladies used
Well I cooked three trays full - they were  heaped up high and gradually cooked down
 This bowl is as large as a  big washing up bowl!
I just don't have any more energy left to bag them up tonight.
Apart from the contents of the wheelbarrow 
Here are some of the ingredients that went into the mix.

I used all the above plus.........
Tiny potatoes that most folks would throw away
Fresh Oregano from the garden
                            Onions                   (33p)
                            Celery                    (49p)
2 large jars of roasted red peppers    (£3.58)
4 tins economy chopped tomatoes    (£1.24)
                          Total                        £5.64

A provisonal guess would be that I have 10lb - 15lb of roasted veggies here - enough for 20 - 30 meals  - not bad for an outlay of £5.64 is it!

I have used 8oz today which I added to 1lb lamb mince, with mint sauce and mushrooms and made a delicious huge Shepherds Pie topped with creamy mash made with more of the little potatoes and have half the mince mix in  the freezer for another meal.


I got up early and bagged the mix up and popped it in the freezer
20lb 12oz



  1. Linda Hart2:20 am

    Lottie, I want to come to yours for dinner! :) Linda

  2. So glad to see you back! I have missed your regular posts!

    We have followed in your steps and made lots of homemade ratouille. Like you we use a few peppers and some chopped tomatoes and for next to nothing we have plenty of meals!


    The squash look perfect!


  3. Anonymous2:02 pm

    Looks delicious! Do you season the veggies or add vegetable/olive oil before baking them? Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and miss you when during your breaks. Hope you feel better and have a pain free Winter.


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