Friday, June 15, 2012

Chooks 'fix'

Well  you have told me how much you like to see my flock of rare breed chooks - so I thought I'd give you this week's update.
Caught in the act of eating my hosta plants along the wall of the conservatory.  It's the first year that they have ever done that - and now they have 'acquired' a taste for them!
 Last week one of the girls laid a 'soft shell' egg - or a lash as it's often called.  It's a perfectly formed egg within the membrane  - but without the shell.
It happens once in a while, usually when a chook starts to lay at the beginning of the season, or is coming to the end of her laying period before a moult.
Just a snip of the egg sac - and  hey presto - a perfectly formed egg - delicious.
 And talking of eggs.......I had a surplus of 54 despite giving some away.
 So I beat up six at a time, and popped them into bags.
Then they went into the freezer for use when the chooks stop laying over the winter.
One bag is perfect for a cake mixture, or omlette - and lots of other lovely recipes.
I decided to move the chooks onto the lawn for a couple of weeks to do a bit of weed and feed.
They did such an excellent job of it last  year.
Now that the  hosepipe ban  has been lifted I can pressure wash the paving slabs too.
 7am breakfast roll call
Maudie and Zola buddy bantam
And all the rest!
 Cute aren't they.


  1. Aahh that's better! Lovely chicken fix! Zola looks like she's a dress size 0 LOL!

    Lovely to see the chooks.
    Have a lovely weekend,

    Sandie xx

  2. So glad you are back blogging I always enjoy hearing what you are up to. You do inspire me.
    My vegetables are totally rubbish this year, which is not good especially as my garden is 'open' in just 4 weeks. Not quite sure what can be done, but we shall see x

  3. Anonymous3:06 pm

    Yes, very cute indeed. Keep showing off your lovely girls on a regular basis please.


  4. I am glad to see you again I was locked out and thought I had lost my allotment lady.

  5. Hi there nice to see you posting again - I love seeing your wee chooks!


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