Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 48 hrs He: 45.hrs 2012...

 Thank you for all your messages whilst I have been 'off air'.  I haven't been able to work up the allotment, and decided what little I posted was just too boring for words - so I intended just to makes notes for myself and keep the blog off line.  But you have persuaded me to return - I hadn't realised that so many folks actually read this.
We have had torrential since my last post, the plots have been so sodden and flooded in places, and the ground was just not workable.
The grass grew long, the weeds returned with a vengeance - I was so downhearted that I didn't even bother to take 'before' photos these past few weeks or even today before we started.
 It was cold and windy, but I desperately wanted to make the most of a 'dry' cloudy day.  Mr Lottie mowed the paths on the highest setting on the mower as the grass was so high - even higher than it had been over the winter months.  The veggie beds above were the 'neatest' out of the whole plot and full of weeds even though they were weed free a few weeks ago.
 Mr. L. did the end bit - all annuals so easy to get out, and the strip behind him which runs along the path.
I tackled this side, which was totally covered in weeds - so much so that  you couldn't see where the plastic area is now.  It looks a mess, I know, but I've kept it covered up to keep it warm and hopefully weed free, until I can fill it with squash plants in a couple of weeks time. when and if we get sunshine and it warms up a bit.
 Mr L had a little visitor.  He says it's a lizard but I think that it's a newt.  Now that does show you how wet it is up there as there are not any ponds on the plots!
 I weeded between the broad beans and as they'd been blown over by the high winds, I put some stakes in and 'fenced' them in to keep them vertical.
 I have got rolls of this ribbon from my flower arranging days - it's that strong papery type and just perfect for supporting so many things.
 This year, as I am old and decrepit and it's harder and harder for me to keep the plot going, I have decided to cut down on the crops I sow.  Instead of rows of climbing beans - enough to last us for a year or more when frozen - I have just one row.  I bought netting - 5'6" x 13'.  It was a nightmare to put up - all tangled and really difficult to do.  Mr L was all for throwing it in the bin, but I am quite patient and did it in the end.  I've added some canes for strength, but it looks fine. 

Because I had been doing do much work on this bed,(before photo above) it was easy to weed it, and rake it - it looks nice now with the climbing beans in it.
 Look at the pile of long grass though from around the edges! 
There is a nice crop of potatoes growing in the spare compost bin - I left some well rotted manure in the bottom and they are romping away.
After almost five hours each we were worn out - and dragged our weary selves home.
Aching from head to toe now, but revitalised after a hot shower and nice lunch of Salmon Shanties, a spicy veggie mix courtesy of my freezer stash of frozen mixes of last summers crops, and new potatoes - yummy.

I think I'll just chill out for the rest of the afternoon what's left of it!

I have given up keeping a running total of the chooks eggs - too many of them.  They were laying 6 eggs a day, but this past week it has dwindled to 4 or sometimes 3.  I think that this dreadful weather is even getting to them too!

Please excuse any typing errors - I am so worn out that I don't have the energy to check this!


  1. Wow look at you go! Everything is romping away now isn't it!

    I don't think you've ever made a boring post so I wouldn't worry about that, just make sure you keep writing! I love reading about your allotment adventures and hearing about your beautfiul banties!

    The only non-humon visitors I get on the allotment are leathery and beefy! I used to see plenty of hedgehogs and foxes on my old allotment, great to see newts/lizard hopefully they'll eat things like cabbage white butterflies! haha!!


  2. So pleased you're back " on air", Lottie. I was really missing reading how your plot changes over the season. Goodness what a lot of energy you and M r Lottie expended today. You will sleep well tonight.

    Sending hugs.

  3. Anonymous6:55 pm

    I read your blog whenever you update...I find your hard work and gardening enlightening and encouraging as I am doing a vegetable garden in the countryside here in the USA. Thanks for sharing your trial and errors....!!


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