Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 51 hrs He: 45.hrs 2012...

I was desperate to get up the allotment and see how things were - and I also wanted to sow some more parsnip seeds, and plant a few cabbages.

It turned out to be an exceedingly hot morning, and I was utterly exhausted after spending three hours working flat out up there.
 It's only been a week since we worked our socks off up there, but the grass was high - this is after I did the mowing.  The weeds were long.....
 But I soon sorted those out between the potato rows
 The broad beans are thriving and doing better having been sown straight into the ground than those I cosseted in pots. 
 The parsnips are up - yes truly - amongst the weeds - which I will hand weed very carefully when I can.
The lovely lime green leaves are the parsnips.
 My comfrey 'hedge' crop needs cutting and composting
 I dug up my first, first early potatoes and got a few pounds
Redcurrants are ripening - just
 The blackcurrants need more sunshine
 The 'odd' potatoes are doing well - and the flipping weeds are grow AGAIN after we weeded all this a week ago!   Flipping annuals.
 You can see how much rain there was whilst we were away for five days.  The lovely soil which I dug over has now turn to a hard flat crust - which is what has happened in the photos above and below too.

It's so soul destroying at times.
But when I look at the mowed lawn, and the fruit bed I weeded, and the gooseberry bush which too me an hour to harvest - it makes it all worthwhile.

My plan was to back up the plot today, after I've been to the doctor's to get a blood pressure thingie fitted to my arm.  For some reason my low blood pressure has shot up and has been like that for several months so they want a 24 hour check on it.  It'll not be a typical day of readings as usually I am very active, walking around the village, lots of gardening or working up the allotment - but with the rain falling, I'll just be top and tailing the gooseberries, baking, and being confined to barracks!

Best get my skates on - got to the appointment soon


  1. What a busy morning. No wonder you were exhausted but all worthwhile to get such lovely produce. I adore both red currants and gooseberries but sadly I think they are a thing of the past in supermarkets.:(

    Hope your blood pressure is soon sorted out. Enjoy your baking day!


  2. Sounds like you've been busy!

    We had some potatoes too and mmmm mmmm mmmm they were delicious!!

    The weeds are a nightmare though aren't they! I handweeded the parsnips yesterday, an absolute nightmare!


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