Sunday, May 27, 2012

Come and get the Sunday papers with me.

My allotment blog gets rather boring for those who visit, as it's really just a record for me - so I thought I'd take my camera with me this morning on my circular walk around the village on the way to get the Sunday papers for Mr Lottie, and Mr and Mrs Neighbours.

As the weather has been exceedingly hot and dry here in the East, I've been doing my gardening in the evening and going out for my daily walk at 7am when the sun is not too hot.  I only do an hour so am back home in time for breakfast.

 Someone was walking their dog through a tiny alleyway that I love so I couldn't get a photo as it's a one person wide footpath, but out onto the main road leading to the city of Norwich (eventually)  I briskly walk with the milky sunshine on the deserted road.  No a soul in sight!
Past my friend's cottage - Mr Thetford - the gardener and plantsman - there are lots for sale.  I bought Mary, my lemon millefleur Sablepoot bantam from him, together with Dolly  the dopey Silkie.

 Not far from him is this alley with just a narrow path worn away through the grass.  Right at the very top where you get a glimpse of the sky in this photo are the allotments - so off I go to take a look.   At the gates a car had driven up, so I opened them for him - he was very grateful, as it's a bit of a palaver getting out your car - opening and securing the gates, getting back in and driving through, then doing the reverse, them driving up the lane, and doing the same with the gates to the actual allotment field
It's the first time that I have seen anyone up there so early!  I took some photos of my plot then headed back down towards the village centre on another route
Past the village school - eerily quiet on an early Sunday morning.

Onwards past the village surgery.
And right up to the end of the road.

 I thought I'd share some photos of the houses I pass most days.
 I have always loved these pair of cottages - many years ago they were one house
In the white alcove above the doors in the middle is a white statue.   It's not showing up today because of the sunshine and it's been newly painted
 We have a number of churches in the village catering for all denominations - I love this little old modest church tucked away - and can just imagine villagers a hundred years or so ago, walking along the lane dressed in their best for Sunday service
 I took some photos of some of my favourtie Dickensian style old houses along here - but the sun was on the camera so they don't show the houses to their best, so will take some more at a later date

Tally alley which meanders behind and between the grand houses, the pub, and old houses, now shops, in the heart of the village  which eventuallyleads to
the Candlemaker's Cottage which you can see on the right hand side which is now a little  house.

As this is a bit photo heavy, I'd best leave the rest of my walk home for another day.

by 8.30am I was back home in the garden room with all the windows and doors open - eating my breakfast with Mr Lottie and reading the Sunday papers.  The only sound was that of birds, and softly 'clucking' chickens content after eating theirs.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone


  1. No boredom here reading about your allotment but I enjoyed your walk around your village - it looks a lovely place to live.


  2. Anonymous7:50 am

    I find your blog rather delightful and love the tour of your village.



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