Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 38 hrs He: 32.5hrs 2012 Eggs: 283

 This past week I have managed to spend a total of 10 hours in the garden, and a couple of hours up the allotment.  My salad bed is looking good - and since this photo was taken after heavy rain, the mixed salads have really grown.  I have also sowed chives and beetroot and  mixed salad leaves between the rows.
 I got a chance between storms to mow the lawns which was good.
 But they all need mowing again since this photo was taken
 I love lavender and have several plants around the garden.  This is a very young plant in a pot.  The flowers are just forming, and I never fails to stroke the leaves when I pass to release that wonderful aroma
 My absolute favourite hosta just sprouting new leaves.
 Looking through what use the be a chicken pen years ago.  The tiny fruit bush cuttings I took a year ago are thriving - they loved the nice warm rain.
 I weeded the raised beds - and planted Victoriana climbing peas and sowed carrots.  I am hoping the mice don't eat them this year.
Some more climbing beans - another variety.
 Parsnip seedlings - I'm planting some at home this year - as well as up the allotment
 More blackcurrant and redcurrant cuttings - I'll transplant them next year before they get too big
 The strawberry plants have gone crazy
 It was all that rain and jungle weather we have had
 I'll thin them out at the end of the season - but this year I'll enjoy them - you can't get too many strawberries - think of all that jam, cakes, desserts, juices - and just fabulously fresh straight from the garden
 Yet another currant cuttings
Through the netting - more raised beds for veggies.

I adore this time of year - when the garden in just starting to burst - new fresh foliage - emerging flowers - and the rush of sowing seeds and the excitement of seeing new plants emerging almost daily


  1. looks like everything is growing really well. We're starting to get a bit concerned about heat and lack of rain this week but at least we can now get beans planted out!

  2. All looking good, Lottie, I wish I could fit in more fruit.


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