Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 36 hrs He: 30.5hrs 2012 Eggs: 248

It's been 13 days since I was last able to get up the allotment.  Rain stopped play mostly!  So it was a joy to get up there today - just for a short visit - but it ended up over 2 hours.

 At last the early potatoes are above ground.   I had earthed them up and the rows looked lovely - but today the soil was baked hard on top - all the wind and a bit of sun soon changes it.
 I was amazed to see that the broad bean seeds I sowed had germinated the started to grow so quickly!
I need to hoe between the rows and heap up the soil again - but for now grass cuttings do the job well.

 It's amazing how quickly the grass grows up there - and so lush.
The comfrey has thrived with all the rain, and will make really good fertilizer.
 I set Mr Lottie the task of weeding one side of the compost heap - which will be planted out with pumpkin or squash plants.
 The weeds filled a wheelbarrow - and the compost is perfect.
What I can't quite understand though - is why it is so dry - all the way through - after all the rain we have had.  Maybe the fact that it had grass and 'weeds' growing which might had have sucked up all the moisture.

I had a lovely heap of fresh horse manure delivered,  and spent a while filling up and spreading it out into the other half of the compost bin.

 I once was told that if you hoe when  you don't need to hoe, you won't need to hoe!
It didn't make much sense at the time - but it does now.
 So I hoed between my broad bean plants in the front bed, and it broke up the hard soil - you can see the difference can't you.
It made a  big difference and any rain will now be able to soak in again.  I don't know how much time I will get to keep the hoeing up on all of my plot - but I'll try.
 The currant bushes, which I hard pruned are really flourishing and loaded with flowers.
I am hoping for a good crop again this year.  I freeze all the fruit and it lasts a whole year until the next harvest.
 I harvested more rhubarb too - again - it gets frozen and sees us through to next year.
The gooseberry bush is going to give me so much fruit
My fruit bush cuttings are coming on a treat
 These are mainly current bush cuttings - doing well too.
I got Mr Lottie to help me top and tail the bags of rhubarb sticks.
Well he'll be eating the crumbles and pies I make, and it'll save another trip to the allotment compost the leaves!

Rain forecast again for tomorrow - so I'll be working in the garden tomorrow.


  1. Your plot looks good. does The brits celebrate mother's day today like we do? if not happy USA mothers day.

  2. Fab piccies! I've seen others using the grass cutting on their potatoes - perhaps I should try it! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  3. Looking good Lottie...despite the rain and dryness! And I like that saying about not hoeing when you don't need to hoe :)

  4. Very impressed with the plot! Am on a waiting list. 2 years apparently, but I have been here 7 months already, so time is flying!


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