Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's that time of the month again - well two days ago

It was time for me to clean out Peckingham Palace again.
Can you believe that just last month it looked like this  deep snow!
But how cosy and dry and happy they were scratching around in the Hemcore without a care in the world!
 Without the snow to contend with it was a quick job this month.
I just don't know how people can use straw or shavings etc
I am so used to just sweeping up the dry Hemcore into a trug, and tipping it into the wheel barrow then on to my flower and vegetable beds.  The chooks scratch around in it and it gets mixed into the soil - saves me a lot of work!

Job done.  The chooks get all excited when they see me throwing in the new bedding, and come running in all directions!

There is always lots of excited tweeting and scatching and they even sunbath in there lying on their sides - when they are free to range wherever they want!

I emptied the nest box and just put the clean newspapers in there whilst emptying the litter trays.
Daisy rushed up the ladder and flew in - and wouldn't be budge.  She is my oldest bantam and each winter we wonder if she'll live through it.  By rights she should have been dead years ago, but she still lays an egg now and again.

 I had to wait until late afternoon before she decided that I could put back the nest boxes filled with Hemcore - silly girl - it's so much nicer to snuggle down in those to lay an egg!  And much nicer for me too - as they stay clean!
2012 Egg total: 18


  1. Just how old is Daisy??? She's looking good anyway!

    Have a great week,
    Sandie xx

  2. Daisy looks great!

    I love the look of your cube and using hemcore is such a great idea. The fact that you put it in a trug and then the chooks dig it in for you when you spread it on the flower beds is even better! What clever chickens you have!!

  3. Daisy and Gozzie are between 6 and 7 years old this year Sandi

  4. Your bantams are just lovely...I love Daisy's colouring!


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