Monday, March 26, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 22 hrs He: 16.5hrs 2012 Eggs: 60

It was a wonderful damp and misty morning - just the right sort of weather for me to spend some time up the allotment.

I planned to just dig out some dock weeds growing through the wood chip I put down in the fruit  cage area.

It's a constant battle that goes on for ever digging them out and getting the roots, but seeds have been blowing around for scores of years so it's an ongoing battle.
 When I put down the bark - there were none  - now look at them.

Mr Lottie said that he'd dig them up and I would rake away the wood chip and put it back after said Dock weed is removed, and dispose of the weeds as he fills up a bucket.  That would take us about an hour I figured.  As usual plans change!

The sun came out, the grass dried out so I decided to mow the paths and lawns

And there are still quite a lot do mow too - even though I have reduced my plot to under 200ft

I had to go over each area several times, it had grown so much.

I won't show you any more - grass is grass after all!

Although I had on sunscreen on my face - I hadn't bothered putting it on anywhere else as it was cold, windy and damp.  So I had to keep my thick jacket on, my hat, and I was baking hot!
The fruit cage is now free of Dock weeds, the transplanted strawberries have taken and are thriving.
The rhubarb plants are coming through strongly - the soil underneath the wood chips is really nice and damp which is great in this dry weather.

The gooseberry bushes are almost in full leaf - looks like I'll be getting a good crop again this year.
The early potatoes have not burst through the soil yet but I had covered them anyway before the frost.
Next week I hope to get more if not the rest of the potatoes sown - weather permitting.

I won't  be going up there the rest of this week - having a op - but hope to be seed sowing at home instead.

The chickens are laying like mad lately - 4-6 eggs a day - which is brilliant from rare breed bantams, some of which are past their 'lay by' date!

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