Sunday, October 16, 2011

Allotment Diary 2011 Me: 82 hrs He: 73 hrs

These photos are a bit late being posted - I took them on the 7th October when we went up the allotment and I havested most - if not all of the last of the produce.

After cutting up all the above I ended up with a few large bowls

Ready for a cook up

I added six tins of chopped tomatoes (my own grown ones were too delicious eating them fresh to use up on this mammoth cooking session.   I used one stocking full of onions - about 8 and four jars of roasted red peppers - and garlic and anything that came to hand

Oh and all the potatoes that had been speared when dug up - all mixed varieties

And I created 14lbs - yes 14 pounds of scrumptious Ratatouille.  All now frozen in meal sized bags ready for winter.  I use them for veggies with meals, I turn then into soups, add them to stews, eat them with fish, chicken, red meat, pasta, rice - and each mix is always different.  Yummy.
Here are a few photos of how 'Kath's Garden' is looking.  I created it around two sides of my garden room a few months ago, so it's in it's infancy but has been very pretty up to now.

The weather has turned cold and we have had a light frost, bu the chrysanthemun bushes are just glowing.
I have three of these

The other perrennials are clumping up nicely, and I'll be widening the beds and planting bulbs and crocus for the spring


  1. Hi Lottie, I am thinking of you and Kath, I didn't meet her but she was a lovely generous person. Her garden looks lovely, beautiful flowers. Take care Lots of love . ChrisB

  2. Yum.... Your Ratatouille looks so good. What a great last harvest.

  3. A fab harvest - and your ratatouille looks yummy! Love the flowers - beautiful! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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