Saturday, October 29, 2011

Well it's still dry so ...................................

This area needed sorting out - it's the right time of year to sow grass seed.
So, with Mr Lottie's help we moved the table and chairs
and lifted up the very heavy slabs and moved them down the other end of the garden

The weeds had to come out 
There were quite a few

We are sowing grass seed right up to the raised beds - which I am filling with all the spent compost from the pots which were in the lean-to

We moved the bench and table too which was in the way

The last of my 'winter' lettuces - I had the small one today for my lunch - with a roasted Salmon Shantie, half a white cabbage finely sliced and mixed with seeds and dried fruit and a spoonful of mayonnaise and vinegar and some pepper  (delish) and the last of my home grown tomatoes havested yesterday when the lean to got cleared out.
 Hmm - what shall I do next - maybe a visit to the allotment for a bit of weeding and a winter tidy up

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  1. We have cheated and used turf, but I intend to bulk out the rest of the lawn with grass see when the builder has gone!


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