Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Allotment Diary 2011 Me: 78 hrs He: 69 hrs

My intention today was to just mow the lawn in our gardens - to pick up some of the Autumn leaves, but Mr L wanted to go up the allotment and help me finish off the 'move'.

Three and a half hours we were up there - and not another soul was up there for even part of the time!

Still we got done everything we wanted to in order to give up the 'lump' of the allotment that I want to.
We mowed all the paths of the sections we wanted to give up.

And it's looking neat and tidy - we even moved all the stuff ready to compost!

Wish it looked like this when I took it over years ago.   But instead it was covered with perrennial weeds as tall as me.  40 carpets in different stages of rotting, lots of discared metal, rubbish, chunks or wood, old kitchen units - you name it - we found it in amongst all the weeds!
This post is just for my records so that if no-one takes it over quickly - as least I  can prove that it was left in pristine condition.
I rescued some Patti Pan squash and some courgettes.

Roasted red peppers not grown by me!

 I added onions, garlic, green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, marrow, pumpkin, cabbage, and more....
Roasted three trays of it all in the oven, stirred it half way through, added a few spices, and roasted it some more.  We had some with our lunch - and I've bagged the rest for freezing - we have around 30lbs of different combinations of my ratatuille - it's such a treat in the winter, and we hardly have to buy any vegetables until Spring.


  1. your garden is gorgeous.....such a luscious, vibrant green!! and your veggies look yummy.....what time is dinner?! heehee xoxo

  2. Just been catching up on your blog, I am so sorry to hear of the problems at the allotment! I hope you get everything sorted!
    B the way what do you do with the comfrey leaves?

  3. That looks delicious!


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