Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beautiful, blustery, day!

It's been a beautiful blustery day.
The banties didn't waste any time getting out into the early sunshine

The lawn up this end of the garden was covered in debris - leaves blown over from neighbours trees etc.  Pat said it looked fine - but I mowed it anyway as you can see

The chooks were exceedinly happy as there are always insects to catch

Seeds they have missed

And other goodies. 
The missing girls were arguing in the run of Peckingham Palace over who was to get the nest box.
It went on quite a while over the day - but they did lay 6 eggs for me!

I made a huge rhubarb and raspberry crumble with jumbo oats, bran, brown sugar and some butter.
The fruit I grew last summer and froze and it truly tastes yummy with a big dollop of organic yoghurt!


  1. Love seeing your chickens and the GREEN GRASS... have a great day... we are all white with snow! Wow your Crumble looks wonderful. Can I have your recipe and how do you freeze your rhubarb? blessings~barb

  2. Nice to see the girls in action again!
    How are you? Better I hope now that Spring is on the way?


    Sandie xx


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