Saturday, March 12, 2011

Allotment hours total - Me:8 He:8

Yesterday and today we have spent a total of 7 hours up the allotment.  Burning up the 'winter' waste that wouldn't compost - this area is designated for my potato patch this year.

We dug up and took down the fencing too - that's earmarked for somewhere else.

The fencing has gone - just a few bits of 'stubborn' wood to burn then I'll rake over the ashes, rotorvate it all and add manure in readiness for my potatoes

I rotorvated the remainer of this bed and dug out the weeds along the edges.
Early potatoes are going in on the right hand side, and onions on part of the left hand side beside what will be the broad beans in the foreground - yet to sprout.

I made a start on digging this over, then decided to crack on and build a fence..

Mr Lottie dug out the trenches, and I attached the wire to the fence posts and we both hammered them in   - a bit wonky in places at the moment - but not bad

I have to dig the rest of this over, add some paths, and tidy up a bit and build a proper gate.

I have to go to all these lengths to keep out the rabbits and deer!


  1. Good work! Slept well?LOL!

    Sandie xx

  2. Wow, looks like an impressive weekends work there. You're lucky you're able to have bonfires on your site, they're banned on ours which is a pain at this time of year when there's loads of rubbish to be cleared...


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