Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here are two of my new girls

It's been raining, raining, raining, - but it hasn't dampened my spirits despite getting soaked to the skin for several days, gardening - more of that another day. 

Look what I went to collect - again in the pouring rain - late this afternoon.

Meet Bluebell on the left and Henrietta on the right - just chilling out.

Bluebell is a blue red Modern Game Bird.  She has pretty turquoise legs - the colour of which doesn't really show up in these photos.    She is still growing her adult feathers, so here and there you can see her baby fluff.  When she is mature, her little comb and skin around her eyes will be a deep shade of red.

Henrietta and I are having a little chat.  It was love at first sight.
She is an Old English Game Bird.  She is just how you picture a speckledy round chicken from old fashioned Nursery tales.  She is very round, just like a football, and she looks like she is wearing a little crown.
She too is still a bit 'fluffy' as she is still growing her spectacular feathers.  She is just adorable, but we needed to have a serious conversation about the rules and regulations now that she is going to live with me and join my very rare game birds in Peckingham Palace.

She, and Bluebell are not used to the freedom that they will have here, and as she is capable of easily flying up into tall trees, I had to explain that that behaviour will not be tolerated.
If she flies onto our tall hedges, fences, or tall trees and lands in the field or other gardens, she might well be chased by cats or dogs or even Sparrow hawks.  She did listen ardently and made lovely little 'understanding' noises - but had a cheeky look in her eye - so just in case, I clipped a few of her flight feathers on one wing which will keep her confined to the garden until she gets used to it.
They'll re-grow when she moults next  year - and she'll still be able to fly, as the others do, but just not over 6ft.

I left both of them to have some supper and to chill out in the lean-to where the tomatoes are, until it is dark and the others have gone to bed - then her and Bluebell will get popped into the Palace and snuggle up with all the rest.

I left them tucking into 'greens' and finding worms and having a great time.

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  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Yay. They look well sweet. We'll have to come visit soon.

    Love Mo & Mel


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