Monday, May 17, 2010

Smash and grab

We had visitors arriving for the weekend on Saturday, but a their ETA was just after lunch time we decided to do a bit of demolition work!

The poor Gazebo took a real bettering over the winter

After much thought we decided to demolish it, as it would cost too much to restore it and maintain it.

There's nothing better a 'boy' loves to do than a bit of demolition work with a hammer!  (Apart frm a bonfire that is)

So unperturbed by bantams sratching around underfoot

He had a smashing time with the sledgehammer

And I got the short staw of removing all the roofing felt and bagging it up

Next came all the trellis work

As fast as I grabbed it and barrowed it away - more was waiting when I got back!

You would never expect such a huge pile of wood from a simple structure - but it was solidly made!

Underneath the floor was a deep layer of leaves which the girls loved, so I left them playing before I dug it over.  They also found some frogs and worms - I didn't linger to watch at that point

When they had exhausted their search of anything living they went off and left me to it

I dug it over, tidied it all up, and this week I hope to paint the back fence
The gardeners are coming to finish off their work - laying some turf, changing the pond pump, and tidying up.  Then I will be doing the 'finishing' touches.  Moving any surplus topsoil , sand and gravel.  Buy and planting up more of the woodland garden, and in the Autumn planting lots of bulbs for next Spring.

As you can imagine - I am feeling rather tired after all that and a busy weekend entertaining, but it is such a happy tired!


  1. Phew! It didn't look that big!
    Will you be having another one elswhere in the garden?
    I hope you are not too achy after all that?

    Sandie xx

  2. Just had a catch up here.......well done for your brave garden re-vamp....

    Notice that this is a Blogger blog and really wonder how you get it to take so many photos in one posting? I can't get it to take more than 4....


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