Thursday, May 20, 2010

Garden Update

As it has been incredibly hot and sunny - I have been either gardening in the shady parts of the garden - or as last night - gardening in the evening until late.

These pictures were taken at almost 9pm last night.  The turf has been laid around the edges now, and I have to spend quite a time watering it in.

I love this time of the  year, with all the lovely fresh perennials suddenly shooting up

Some of my strawberry runners I potted up are starting to flower

They are looking quite good

My lettuce seedlings are now starting to look like lettuce!

I have planted more of my salad seedlings amongst the strawberry runners
In a few days time they will be upstanding

These look rather limp-just been planted and watered - but in a few days time....

It was getting rather dark - I took this quick photo from inside the 'cage'.
We need to put new netting over the top - it's got a new roof structure, so the cane with the milk bottle holding up the netting with be a thing of the past.

You can just see some of the new turf - in a few weeks' time once they have rooted and knitted into the existing lawn you won't be able to see the join!

Gravel paths gone, wall knocked down and just a low capped wall.
At this point it got too dark to take any more photos.
Lots of new turf - making the garden look so much bigger.
The cage looks a bit rustic - but so do I!
I'll take more photos over the weekend - they are for my records so that I can see how it progresses over the summer

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