Friday, May 07, 2010

End of day 3

The loose slabs around the pond have been taken up and reset in cement.
The vote was cast to have the pond as a wildlife pond and to install the new pump - jobs to be done after the turf has been laid.
I mowed the lawns after they went home to pick up the debris
The only pergola post that wasn't rotten and didn't 'fall' out was the last.  Embedded in deep concrete and refused to budge.  It took an hour to get it and the vine root out!  There's another root to get out, then the  bare area will be turfed.
I re-sited Peckingham Palace so the it faces southwest - something I was unable to do before due to all the pergola posts. - As we get winds from the north and east this is a much better position for it, especially in the winter when the wind used to blow straight into the entrance, so I had to keep it covered all the time
When I let the chooks out this afternoon, once I could close the gates - Poppy headed straight for the flower bed.  You can  just see her.  Thought I would show you just how tiny these bantams are - they can get lost under little forget me not plants!

Even Zola is dashing to get into the flower beds to catch insects.

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