Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raining again

It's been tipping it down all morning, but I tempted the girls out with some left over pear cores from last night
My poor lawn - it's dreadful after the winter
The worst it has ever looked!

I don't like using any fertilisers or chemicals on it
because of the birds so I guess I will have to dig
out the weeds.  

No point in re-seeding it - the chooks and wild birds would have a feast

I shall just have to change my way of thinking

It's not a lawn

It's grass - it's a wild meadow in the making!
Wait until you see the daisies!


  1. At leasy you have a lawn, mine is now just moss!!!

  2. A meadow. I like that.

  3. Just wish the rain would stop now - we need to get some work done outside!


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