Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday afternoon ramblings. 2010 eggs to date: 9

Yes you've guessed it - it's the weather.  Sleety and wet all weekend so I was stuck indoors.  Luckily I had company
So I have been rather rushed off my feet.  Luke decided that after a big Sunday lunch we needed a sit down to re-charge our batteries - and what better way to do it than with ice cream smothered in lots of chocolate sauce.  Of course, us grown ups went for the less messy version of choc ices - will it was summery warm indoors.

Today it has been snowing - so the chickens didn't want to put one step outside their cosy run.  I went into town to get some bits and pieces - and it was still snowing when I got home.  The forecast is for snow all week, so it means that my little bantam babes will be spending more time in their run.  As it has been four weeks since I installed the run, and as they have been spending so much time confined to barracks, I thought I would give that a clean. 

I KNOW. I don't need telling - but it comes with old age!  So I was out in the snow, on my hands and knees in the run, filling up trugs with the old bedding, and putting down fresh.

The poor chooks didn't like being out in the snow and complained bitterly - but soon forgave me.  First in were Twiggy, Scrabble and Lola - tucking in to their lunch - they had only been out for half an hour for heavens sake!

Zola was next, quickly followed by all the others.
Scrabble is inspecting the new roosting bar at the far end of the run.

And set about with the others (who are out of sight in other areas), spreading all the bedding about.
Last in was a very reluctant Daisy - the pekin - she had been scratching around in the soil and was filthy! In fact I had to 'herd' her in eventually.

Gozzie has pride of place on the new perch. 
I wish I had noticed that dried leaf on the wire - it's really annoying me in the photos.

Daisy ate her fill and then decided that she would
go and try and lay an egg in the nest box

I re-installed the high perch I made at the front - which the girls love.
All eight don't sit on it together, that's why I installed another at the other end. 
 Snowy and Poppy are sitting it out until the others have eaten.

They are stunning looking girls aren't they - and doesn't Snowy know it!

At that point the snow was coming down even heavier, and I was freezing so left them to it.


  1. All the girls are looking great. Sorry to hear your having snow again. Hope it doesn't stick. Hugs x

  2. Those chicks look as if they've been fashioned from sliced almonds. I love their painted feathers!!! Do chickens, like furry animals, grow a thicker coat for the cold months?


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