Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just for Gill. 2010 Eggs to date:22

We have had the most awful weather so the bantam babes have been confined to Peckingham Palace compound quite a bit lately.  But they do manage to dash out inbetween snow and torrential rainfalls.
My Lipreading tutor is going to get some chickens - I think I bore everyone into submission with stories about mine.  So here are a few quick snaps of them just so that I can persuade her that lovely little bantams are just the best chickens!  I have had Rhode Island Reds when my sons were little, and bantams too - but the bantam cockerell was absolutely evil and used to jump onto my husband's back and peck at his neck if he had half a chance - and 'No' I did not train him to do so!
Here are girls at 3.15pm today when the rain finally eased off.

It is virtually impossible to get a photo of all eight chooks together
They dart around so quickly chasing insects, searching for bugs
and just for the sheer fun of it!
Snow the silver Sebright and Poppy the red gold Sebright.
These two positively glow in the sunshine - but it's drizzling now.
On the right is Zola, one of two Patridge Game Birds, her sister Lola you can just see below

What ever titbit they have found, they are always convinced that
one of the others has found something better and dash off to  investigate
Scrabble is in the middle - a Wheaten Game Bird - sheis an old lady too,
I have Twiggy who is almost identical as well, and you can just see the back of Zola.

On the left Gozzie, a Rosecomb and Daisy speckled Pekin
these are old ladies now

Daisy rules the roost and shows off when she lays an egg - the others don't!

And here are what their eggs look like.  
From bright white to cream, and pale coffee - but the light is not good
for taking photos.  And yes they are all different - but you probably think they all look the same!

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  1. I haven't visited for awhile and I se you have new chickens, they are boutiful!! lol!!
    Still miss mine :o(


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