Saturday, April 28, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 31 hrs He: 25.5hrs 2012 Eggs: 213

The rain is getting positively boring now - I need it to stop so that I can clean out Peckingham Palace.
Even Dolly is fed up with having a bad hair day every day!
Have you noticed that she has 5 toes on each foot?  Pure bred Silkies do - other breeds have four toes - just a bit of useless information I thought I would share!

I like to put fresh Hemcore in the run once a month - they free range every day so are in and out at will, so it's not muddy or anything - but I just like to do it!

 In between downpours I picked some rhubarb from the garden.
 The 'thin' sticks in these photos are actually big and the usual size.
The others are huge jumbo sticks - the rain has done wonders for my rhubarb plants.
It's really tender and tastes so sweet - I love a dish of it cooked and cold with a thick set yoghurt and drizzled in honey - yummy!
I was always led to believe that chickens would not eat rhubarb leaves as they are poisonous to them and could make them really ill.
I keep telling them that but they have never taken any notice, and love to peck the leaves when they are young and fresh - it has never had any adverse affect on my chooks!
Here are some of my sown seeds - now plants -desperate to go into the soil, but it is still too cold and boggy up the allotment.  Broad beans above - looking so healthy - I might have to find a home for them in the garden if the weather doesn't hurry up and improve.

 My little onion sets
 are not longer little.  I had to put them in pots and in the plastic little green house as the mice were eating all my seedlings in the lean-to potting shed,

 Another week - then they'll have to take their chances up in the field
 My mixed salad leaves are looking cold

but just about 'holding their own'.
These are the only peas that I managed to rescue from the mice - the little blighters!

Have a good sun shiney week


  1. Dolly does look a little out of sorts. Too much rain will do that for a girl. I'm back to blogging and gardening after a few years out of touch. Just planted some seeds, some late, but better than not. So nice to be following your gardening path again too! Glad you are seeing better and will soon have the the wrinkle sorted out.

  2. I store in my head useless information, you never know when it might prove useful LOL!

    I'm not ever so keen on rhubarb but, have been fancying lately with rice pudding, cold!

    Hope the eyes are ok?

    I expect with tomorrows' (today!)weather forecast, that most of the Reservoirs in your area should fill up a bit more or even adequately, looks like a lot of rain on the weather map!!!

    Have a great week, whatever the weather,

    Sandie xx

  3. Couldn't agree more with the first sentence, it is rather monotonous. Just praying for a nice day tomorrow, like the one they keep describing on the forecast.

    It looks like you are flying with your preperations for the growing season!!

    Martin :0)

  4. Oh wow! They're all doing really well! I can't wait for the rain to have a break so I can get back down the allotment!!! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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