Thursday, April 12, 2012

2012 Allotment Diary - Me: 27 hrs He: 21.5hrs 2012 Eggs: 148

Yesterday was a sunny  but really cold morning and rain was forecast - but I was eager to get up the plot and plant the last of the potatoes and finish tidying up that end of the plot before the rains came.
Of course my darling Mr Muscles Lottie came to help me.

My plan was to get up the rest of the ground protection/weed suppresant and plant the remaining spuds.  It took us over an hour to dig up couch grass roots - it's a never ending job up there but we keep at it religiously - and will have to all summer.
Shane had put up a chicken wire fence, so I took down our temporary one and stacked the heavy wood along the edge - we don't have anywhere to store it now.

 I took up all the frost protection covering the early potatoes and heaped up the earth in the first two rows. I also heaped up the rest of the rows yet again, as heavy rain had flattened them all.
As usual these last two rows were lined with newspaper before adding lots of rotted compost.  There is a bit of space left on the right, so I might use that for parsnips as they take a long time to germinate and grow.

Up until a few years ago - I leased the whole plot right down to the trees (you can see half of it here) 
Old age (how did that  happen) and illnesses, meant that I have had to do the sensible thing and give parts of it up.  I preferred to do that than let it go to rack and ruin.  Better to have just 150 feet and be able to keep up my standards and have it looking nice, don't you think?

So - quite an improvement on how it looked a week ago - well worth the back ache! 
 As this allotment is just for my own records, I am posting the following!
The compost in my green 'Darlek' plastic bin was just so beautiful after three years of composting.
I just had to take a wheelbarrow full home - why pay a fortune for compost when you can make your own.

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  1. I have built two compost bins in the new layout in the garden, I really hope it works as I have not been successful in previous years.


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