Thursday, June 23, 2011

Garden Room - Day 5 - Just working in the rain - getting soaking wet!

 We have had storms on and off all night, so we gave up all hope of the builders coming to do more work.  I was just debating whether to let the chickens out before going up the allotment to take some photos, as the sun had just come out - when Eureka - the truck turned up!  All plans cancelled for the day.

They covered the concrete with tons of ballast - well stones with lots of sand in it.
Then the heavens opened and we had an almighty storm - but James soldiered on
with a machine that thumps the stuff and packs it tight.  It was hard going doing it in a storm, as it kept puddling on the surface - not good.

It became impossible - and when I went out with a cup of tea - they had gone!
A little stream was pouring off the sand down the drain!

But they returned - and the rain was relentless - but they came bearing gifts.

And James had to go over the ballast again, and again.

The thick sheets of insulation went on top of the sand.  When we had our conservatory built years ago it was just a piece of plastic that was used between the layers!
The thick liner was placed on top - and the storm returned!

 They worked on regardless, mixing and laying the floor - until it was looking more like a pond - so again they stopped work.   The rain was so horrendous that I just stuck my arm out of the door and snapped!
Another pause in the storm, they finished laying the concrete - and yes you've guessed it......

It resumed and the concrete looks like a muddy swimming pool!

They'll be back the end of next week to continue - by which time I hope this has dried out! 

You'll notice that I am not complaining about the rain - the garden and allotment needs it - and the lawn is actually green again - well those bits that aren't covered in cement dust as sand.
I had a productive day in the front garden inbetween downpours - pruning the rose arch and shrubs.

(This is a bit boring - so skip any posts that start with 'Garden Room' it's just a visual record for me - so that when it is all done, I can look back and see what a triumph over the weather it was)

But if you want to build your own - this'll be a step by step guide!


  1. Does anybody else want to jump in the 'muddy swimming pool'

    It looks so tempting, in a rather obscure way!


  2. At least once its finished you'll appreciate how much hassle it was to put up with all the rain... :)

  3. when it's finished, it will all seem like a long time ago...

    Sandie xx

  4. It's getting there! Don't lose heart! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx


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