Friday, June 24, 2011

Allotment Diary 2011 Me: 53.5 hrs He: 49.5hrs

 Another three hours up the allotment mainly spent weeding - and Mr Lottie had yet another bonfire.
I have mowed all the lawns

The fruit bushes which were hard pruned are flourishing

The big potato bed has been weeded

Not a thistle in sight - but my hands did get lots of pricks even though I was wearing gloves

The brassicas are flourishing.  I am quite pleased with  these as most of my neighbours have been pecked to almost extinction by the pigeons.
A few potato plants that I am trialing.  A neighbouring plot holder has a son who's a farmer and these are a new variety - so watch this space
This pumpkin on the compost heap has tripled in size in a week.  It's amazing what a drop of rain can do isn't it.
I am so proud of this bed which I weeded today.
It was back breaking work weeding where we had dug up some early potatoes, then I dug up a barrow load of well rotted manure to plant the squashes.

I weeded the rest of the early potatoes too.  I had to resort to an organic weed killer to kill the bindweed - this was infested with it and the roots ran everywhere - looks like it has succumbed.
Mr Lottie did a great job tackling the other side of this plot

Some of the broad beans are just about ready to pick, swelled by the recent rain

I weeded this front bed and planted more squash and courgettes.
At last I feel that I am in control of the allotment, rather than it being in control of me - and the weeds out of control at times!


  1. Well done!
    I've had all of my broad beans and they were delish!

    Sandie xx

  2. such a well tended allotment - it looks great !

    Just think with very bucket ofweeds out how many extra vege you will get from not having a stressed plant.

    Bind weed is such a pain, can't say I blame you for zapping it with a spray.

  3. It all looks so neat and tidy! What spray did you use on your bindweed???? Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  4. Look at that Pumpkin plant!

    Fingers crossed for a big jack o'lantern! :)



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