Friday, May 13, 2011

Today in my garden

I thought I would share a few colours and textures in my garden today

Because of the drought and crazy sunshine we have spring and summer plants flowering at the same time

My little sage plant is growing at a great rate!

I just love these textured leaves.  They are usally deep red - but are a bit bleached by the sunshine

Oops the petals fell off this Aquilegia

A young clematis

Allium stars

My very first pear crop - fingers crossed they all grow

I am quite excited about my strawberries.

I grew all these from last years runners.

Despite the soil dusty and dry these Victorian climbing peas have taken

That's all for today


  1. I hope it hurries up and warms up around here. I would love to have some lovely flowers around here. Great photos!

  2. Your alliums are amazing, I really must try and grow some especially now the neighbours hedge has been brought back down to fence height! Pleased to see the peas are still going strong!!

  3. Some lovely looking plants there and great pics. :) Nice to see your strawberries are flowering in their first year, I've been a bit miffed that mine I took as runners last year haven't flowered yet.

  4. themessycraftroom8:36 pm

    Hi Lottie, thank you for sharing your lovely pictures. Your garden looks like it will be pretty with all your lovely plants and flowers. It is like winter here at the moment, very cold and windy and extremely wet. I'll wish it away to your side of the country. You can have it with pleasure. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment. Hope you are keeping well. Take care. Hugs x ChrisB

  5. Just wondered what the plant with the lovely leaves is? Pic 4.

  6. Libby - I wish I knew - I have forgotten it - age related memory - I hoped someone would mention it's name.

    As soon as I remember it I will email you



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