Sunday, May 08, 2011

New day, new life - and a nice rest

It's a new day - Sunday - so I am having a day of rest.  It is truly hot and sunny outside without a breath of air.   I had a most wonderful time this morning visiting a friend of mine, who very kindly lets me buy a sack of food off him for my chickens. 
He is top quality breeder of fowl, and generously let me buy two Seabright bantams off him a couple of years ago - Snowy and Poppy.
I was really privileged to get to see the following.
Above first of all - one of his many incubators with golden Seabrights just hatching out.  Can you make out the eggs pipping and the newly hatched chicks in the bottom and right hand side of the photo?

Yet another of his incubators - each egg named, dated, and recorded.
Can you see the turkey egg in the top left hand corner?

This is a broody hen with her clutch of Silver Seabright chicks - their markings are developing already.  She is a brilliant 'mother' - they have a big bright shed all to themselves

It is such a treat to visit my friends garden. In the winter there were turkeys, chickens of all breeds and sizes, here, there, and everywhere.  Lots freeranging - just perfect

Of  course it is not safe to let a mother hen out with her tiny chicks - there are foxes about.  Those 'confined to barracks' have the most wonderful accommodation - lots of space, and lots of natural light.

This fine Ixworth male is a very energetic beau - so his young ladies are wearing saddles to protect them - keeping them in tip top condition too.  I would love Ixworth in my garden, but they are big birds and would make big dustbaths in my lawns in no time!

This young lady caught my eye, she's sat on a pile of eggs, one was poking out, so my friend popped it back under her.  She was happily dozing in the sunshine, a picture of contentment.

Another clutch of older Ixsworth popped out from the undergrowth - they are having a lovely time rummaging around. 

On my 'tour' a beautiful black Pekin bantam 'appeared' from behind some pots - she was absolutely stunning - and so tame and friendly - someone gave it to my friend - she couldn't have asked for a better adoptive owner - it's chicken heaven where they live.

More Ixsworth with a bantam surrogate mother

And yet more

Just a few snatched photos!

Oh if only I were years younger and had the chance to have a small holding which was always my dream.

Never mind - I have my big allotment and my lovely bantam flock - and can enjoy friends chickens and lifestyles without all the hard work.

And best of all - I have had the pleasure today of seeing new life.

Off to put my feet up - before cooking Sunday lunch

Guess what is on the menu

Roast chicken

Not one of mine though of course - but one another friend 'grew' for me - and had a lovely freerange life all last summer.


  1. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Enjoy your dinner, you know it had a good life and it will taste all the better for it!!
    Great pictures and nice to see on the 'inside' of such a lovely looking establishment.
    Have a great day! x

  2. Lovely post Lottie!

    I feel 'chicken broody' LOL!

    Sandie xx

  3. sorry you are so dry there 2 weeks ago ove 3 days we had 13 inches of rain. we are having a wet spring.
    I can't figure what breed of chickens are Ixsworth I am off to google and find what they are.

  4. Great pictures and blog post as per usual!

    Enjoy your dinner!!


    Martin :) :)

  5. Really enjoyed this post. I cannot have chickens where I live, so I enjoy them vicariously through friendly blogs like yours. Great pics! :-D

  6. Lottie, do you still have quail?

    If so how are they doing?

    Do you have any pictures of them?

    Martin :)

  7. OOO, lovely chickies :)

  8. Really enjoyed reading about your chickens as yesterday I visited my 8 yr. old grandson and his pen of chickens. He chose to raise them as his 4H project and is educating the rest of us as he does. Looks like you never run out of projects!


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