Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a few garden pictures.

It is so hot - and I am confined indoors, but I did sneak out to take a few quick pictures.

The chooks were sleeping in the sun - but soon woke up when they heard the camera

Don't know how they can sleep on top of each other in all that heat!

They spend their time freeranging in the garden, and only go into their run to get up the ladder to lay eggs in the nest box, or to have a scratch around for any 'breakfast' they might have missed.  I have put extra shade on it as the sun moves around late afternoon - but mainly the go and sleep under the shrubs or hedges.

They spend a lot of time scratching around 'Maxine's Flower bed' and have made a few 'thoroughfares' to the rest of the garden.

They love it around the pond, I think it attracts them because of the insects.  They often smell of warm sage where they have been pecking around the purple sage.  It's in full flower and looks stunning.

The pinks tumbling out of the pot at the top smell gorgeous, and the aroma is even stronger in the evening.   There is lavender in the pot too which is just coming into flower.  The pinks I grew from a few cuttings I took from a flower I used in an arrangement

Since putting the pots of hostas here, the chooks don't seem to be scratching around in the gravel here.

I have put vaseline around each pot to deter the slugs and snails!

It seems to be working at the moment!


  1. Hi Lottie

    I've just come from your other blog and I'm quite captivated by this blog!

    I LOVE gardening too but we have moved into a twonhouse with a v small garden - just when I've got all the time in the world to potter about!

    Like you there aren't enough hours in the day for me and I'm loving it all.
    I want to teach myself to embroider and crochet too.

    I do hope you'll come and visit me!

  2. claret3:31 pm

    The garden looks fabulous Lottie.

  3. How do you manage this ? My hens have eaten my garden !!! No grass at all. I've fenced an area for veg & they patrol up & down the fence trying to break in !


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