Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Allotment Diary - Me 36hrs. He 35hrs.

The hot weather and constant sunshine prevented me from working up the allotment these past few weeks (hence the garden makeover in the evenings).

The only visits we have been making have been a quick dash on occassions with garden rubbish for disposal.

After lots of rain yesterday - torrential in fact - and the forecast that we will have a few dry hours this morning - we had an early morning dash up there to get some work done.

The broad beans are doing well - so too the onions and shallots - but oh my the weeds have grown, so I have some work to do there.

My 'mission' today was to mow all the lawns - yes I have scalped them again - but with torrential rain forecast for the next few days they'll be green again in a day or two!
The early potatoes are looking good, and have escaped the frosts by being covered with grass cuttings.
The gooseberry bushes have berries on them and all this rain we are currently having will soon swell the fruits.

The Jostaberries are looking brilliant - huge in fact - so I hope for a good crop

Patrick played bonfire man, and whilst I did the mowing.
The comfrey plants on the left are in flower and looking beautiful

I use comfrey a lot up the allotment - as a plant food, mulch and for lining troughs for bean planting - amongst just some of the uses.

This gives you an idea of how long my allotment is - Pat's up the top loading up the car.

The fruit cage is bursting with big fruit bushes, I  have netted some of those bushes at the front to keep the birds off the black currants and red currants
This area has the main crop potatoes and they are now coming along nicely.
The climbing beans are starting to grow - but on the other side.

Three weeks or so ago this bed was weed free - but look at it now.
Still the digging is good for my stomach muscles.

It was perfect timing when I finished - we had just got home when down came the rain - and it hasn't stopped since!

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  1. As always lots growing/goin on at the allotment. Fresh veggies can't beat that. Your garden is looking so good now its had its makeover, you must be thrilled!


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