Friday, October 30, 2009

Last of the summer flowers

The faded hydrangea head still manages to look glamorous in her autumn colours.
A bit like me?

I love the seed heads in the garden at this time of year

Wedding White

A late poppy making a show befoe the bad weather sets in

The big brother poppy seed head - lovely when they turn brown for flower arranging

The bumble bee making the most of a late nectar bar

I have to dig up the geraniums and move them before the frost

Daisy and Gozzie having a rummage for worms

Last of the sunflowers

Lobelia - fading fast

Daring, in your face, dahlias - keep flowering their hearts out until the frost

Scrabble on her favourite perch catching some sun


  1. Sorry to hear your other blog went AWOL. It is so sad to lose a wonderful diary like that!
    Glad to see you are both well!

  2. I just love the hydrangeas at almost every stage. We still have some bluish-purple ones but most are drying in the garage.

    You and your magic garden - beautiful.

  3. Bautiful pictures - love the flowers and what I wouldn't give to be able to raise chickens at home.

  4. Glamorous? Well we must keep trying hey?
    Nice chooks/hens/chickens and beautiful garden.What fun!

  5. Your photos are stunning

  6. Beautiful photos, fading? Unlikely!

  7. very very beautiful photos of them all. visiting here.

  8. So many gorgeous pictures. I love the picture of the bumble bee :)


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