Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hours this year.Me:132 He: 122

It was a gloriously sunny and dry day today - not ideal working conditions for me - but covered from head to toe, and any bits that weren't had sunblock on them - I had a fantastic time!

This week I remembered to do some warming up exercises and ham string stretches, so that I could tackle this/

The last few rows of potatoes

These were the actual ones I was tackling.  The 'stuff' on the top are dried grass cuttings, so underneath was lovely and dry - that's the good news - the bad news was that miles had been having a nibble underneath the spuds

It definitely wasn't rabbits - because the top hadn't been disturbed and there were not rabbit 'currants'.  I first suspected rats - but there are no rat runs and  again, all the protective grass cuttings were undisturbed and the damage was underneath - so it can only be moles - the little blighters.   We did get some really big jacket potato sized spuds - so the ones they had a nibble at, we were able to bring home and rescue at least half of each potato.

I was thrilled with my main crop though. Really pleased - no holes - no blight - just some nibbles on some from the moles!  We had some for lunch - oven baked wedges - and they were gorgeous.

The soil is looking really good - thanks to all the manure I put on it before the potatoes were planted.  It's a great relief to get them up before the weather changes.  Now 'all' I have to do is some tidying up.

I might get the rotorvator out and go over this patch - but may not.   There are only a few annual weeds left and the frost will kill them - and I will need to do it in the spring anyway.  The plots all around me have weeds waist high - so these little annuals aren't a problem - it's just me, being fussy!

I was worn out at this point - and just took time out to make the most of the beautiful sky.
So I stood on the spot and turned, and took some photos to show you the view

Look at that sky - not my brassica patch, that's next on my list!

My 'neighbours' plot - a bit full of weeds

Turning around a bit more - oh dear all those Dock weeds in seed.  If the wind blows again I will be digging up the seedlings on my plot next year!

Further up their plot to the pig farm buildings.
All quiet at the moment as no pigs are in residence.

Time for me to stop daydreaming and help get the car packed up ready for home.
The fruit bushes need a prune - and I might take some cuttings.

Smile Pat  - I am just about to clear up - honestly!


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