Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello - long time no post huh?

Well we have had a very tough year this year - hence my lack of any posting of depth - but things are on the up.  Normal service will resume next year - fingers crossed.

Despite not being able to grow many vegetables up the allotment, I did manage a very good fruit harvest - and have a freezer full of bags of fruit - mixes and individual varieties. It was my best year ever for blackcurrants, redcurrants, and I had 47 lb of rhubarb!!  10lbs of strawberries and 13lb of gooseberries - quite a haul!  Plus a bumper harvest of potatoes - all of which are hanging in sacks in the roof of my garage - looking rather gruesome at night like dead men!  Plus lots of veggies from my garden - but not enough to last until next year!

 I decided I needed a 'Pick me up' - so treated myself to a makeover!
 It's been years since it was last done - and I am really pleased
with how it looks.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.
I think that I have managed to spend time in it every single day since it has been re-painted!
We are having a lot of rain lately so I have invested in a new rain cover for Peckingham Palace.
The girls are not too impressed as this one isn't the 'clear glass' look like the old one.
After the deep snow of this past winter, I decided on a really strong reinforced cover
in case we get the same conditions this winter - they'll thank me for it then - or not!
They are getting really old now - so not many eggs this year.  I really should 'do the deed' and get some new stock - but when they all have names, and are just so sweet, and come when they are called - except sometimes at bed time when they have to be bribed - they'll just carry on until nature takes its course.  

After spending this morning packing and freezing the cauldron of  thick vegetable soup I made yesterday, and making another big batch of a different mix of veggies, pulses, beans and added thick bacon 'ends' (no fat) from our butcher and Herbes de Provence - after lunch    I decided that an afternoon crafting and just chilling out my studio was my reward.
So with CD's for me to singalong with, views to look at..

 It rained and rained and rained
The garden is looking a bit bare now that I have picked all the veggies which I grew at home, but most of the weeding has been done, the lawn mowed - probably for the last time this year - but it's still a nice view from my crafty cabin.

Thanks for paying me a visit 


  1. Love the colour of the cabin!
    When I go to the farm shop with my Sister, I always look to see if they have any chooks for sale. Last time they had a mix of Bantie and even my sis like the Lavender Pekins!
    Aah, one day.............

  2. Oh wow Lottie that stew/soup looks scrummy and very filling. I bet the house smelt gorgeous whilst that was cooking and it will make a good meal come the cold winter days.
    The chooks look very snug beneath their new cover :) My your garden does look neat and tidy - not like ours with the shaggy grass and plants slowly going over. I tend to leave anything that has gone to seed for the birdies especially the goldfinches - well that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)

    I was going to ask you if you wanted a bunch of chive bulbs as I've spares but it looks as though you have some in your herb patch :)

    Lynn xx

  3. Anonymous6:13 pm

    Ahhh, that cabin looks so much better now, just love the color.

    Your lovely girls look so comfy and content in there. More pics please. :)


  4. So nice to see you blogging again. Have missed your posts and following the 'girls' around the beds. Your garden is looking lovely and how charming the new color on the studio. :-D

  5. don't fret we have had snow already this winter. glad you are posting again so I can read. I feel so lost when you look me out of your post.

  6. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Hi just wondering are you going to start blogging again in 2014?
    I'm still busy with school wildlife area at a primary school in Teignmouth/Devon
    Haven't yet begun to transform my garden ie TLC needed on lawns,reducing number of pots,constructing raised beds- which have been in my garage for quite a while-thankfully have plenty of homemade compost to fill them with!
    Have had help with pruning back my escallonia hedge plus with digging at my allotment so am raring to go -ALAS it's raining today again....


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