Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello - I'm back!

I have been a bit lax at updating this blog - I've had so much to contend with - apart from torrential rain, flooding, roof leaks and appointments.

I have been up the allotment inbetween all the above but had either not the time nor the energy to blog - so will be doing some catch up posts this week hopefully now things are calming down.

Yesterday I harvested the first batch of courgettes and squash and onions so did a big batch cook.
 My absolute favourite way of eating veggies - roasted into a ratatouille.
I make pounds and pounds and pounds of it over the summer - enough to last all winter until the new season's crops are ready to harvest again.  I just have one bag of last year's left!
So in the mix goes diced onions, courgettes, marrows, squash, pumpkins when they are ready, tomatoes when I have a surplus, if not then tins of chopped tomatoes, roasted big red peppers - these I buy in jar as they are so delicious and you get loads.  In this mix I have new potatoes as well and some sliced carrots too.

We had a pound of it with our lunch yesterday and here is 5lb which I packed and popping in the freezer this morning.

Yummy scrummy

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  1. I remember you posting about your batch cook last year. So you have inspired us to do the same with all of our courgettes! Thanks for the tip! As always you are a fountain of knowledge!!


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