Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lazing on a sunny afternoon - I wish!

It was freezing today, and I was going stir crazy indoors so spent a few hours hard labour in the garden.  I decided to clean out the chicken run - I like to do it once a month to keep it clean and fresh
Freckles and Willow ventured into what used to be the chicken run, but is now the fruit cage.

All the others were already in there up this end and behind me, keeping out of my way whilst I was busy sweeping out their home

I left them tucking into strawberry leaves whilst I finished their run.

I leave them to scratch about their bedding, and it doesn't take them long to cover all the slabs

These are tucking in quickly before the 'mob' arrive.
I found an egg under the big flower pot, so I have moved that pot up the top end so whoever laid it can get some peace and privacy if they fancy laying another for me.

At last the turf arrived and was laid on Friday whilst we were out.

It came from a different supplier to doesn't match - but it'll all blend in next year

I spent a backbreaking hour scarifying (some of) the lawn and sweeping up leaves, but had to give up after a while

It'll be covered in leaves again in a day or so.
The wire mesh is to enable me to walk on the grass without doing it any damage, and the black line is where I have filled the gaps with compost.

It looks a lot better than the bare earth.


  1. Freckles looks like she's been guilded in your studio!
    Garden and girls are looking good!
    Hope you and yours are keeping well.

    Sandie xx

  2. I need your opinion, I REMEMBER YOU GROW PARSNIPS and I have never tasted one,, so my son planted what he was told was turnip seed on july 25 , that is when I have always planted turnips since it was my fathers birth day and easy for me to remember any way son's turnips are probably parsnips, would you think that parsnips taste like turnips? son was really surprised when he pulled his turnips he had never heard of parsnips and didn't have a clue as to what they were but I knew because I read your blog. They cooked some of the tops for greens like we do turnips and he said they were good, have you ever cooked parsnips tops for greens like we do turnips greens?

  3. by the way I love your chicken posts as usual.


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