Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good morning

An early morning quick post as we have to be out early today - but back later.

Over the weekend Haruko and I made some more face and body cream. Haruko hadn't made any before, so I thought it would be nice if she had a trial run before she made it herself (she has all the ingredients now).

Whilst baby had a nap for an hour, we made one using a different recipe with almond oil, beeswax and cocoanut oil, and essential oils.

This one turned out very white and a thicker cream. You need to put 50 drops of essential oils into the 210g mix, so we made sure that 30 of those drops were lavender, and it really smells wonderful - not too strong - and is lovely to put on your face as well as anywhere else, but on one's face at night before going to sleep, you drift off relaxed with the aromo of lavender flowers reminding you of lovely hot summer days.

I am really into making cream now and am experimenting with all different combinations. Basically so long as the ingredients are all pure and known for being good for the skin, they are fine with me.

I used to use avocado oil on my face - a tip I got whilst staying on a fruit farm a number of years ago whilst on a trip to Australia - it really worked, so next time I am going to use that in the mix too.

Haruko has a recipe that one of her Japanese friends gave her for making a cake. It used 7 eggs, honey, water, and a little flour. We did have the quantity. It invovled whisking the eggs and flour for ten minutes on fast speed, and the result was the lightest mixture that I have ever seen - and turned out to be the lightest sponge cake ever!

I made a big apple and blackberry crumble with an oat topping, so we exchanged some of each, to try at our respective homes.


Regarding the tomatoes - the weather has been horrendous veering from drought and high temperatures earlier on in the summer - to high winds now, heavy prolonged rain, and hailstorms.

I took all the leaves off the plants to (a) make them lighter as they kept being blown down, and (b) to get what little sun that we might get, to ripen them. Whether it was the right thing to do, I do not know, but it was the only way I could think of of saving the crop. That or picking them green.

Patsy I have been visiting your site and reading all your posts - the chooks are looking great - and like you I was saddened to learn of the death of Steve Irwin.

I still can't leave posts on your site - it is something to do with the change over to beta blogger - wish I had never done it now - it is a real pain. Just wanted you to know that I left a really long comment, and went back four times to try and log it, but it wouldn't let me.

I know that some people are having the same trouble with mine - hope they soon sort it out.

Have a good day everyone, and will be back after tomorrow's trip up the allotment.


  1. don't know why you can't post on my site. every day is different. i thought about changing over and then thought why bother. i might mess around and lose the blog altogether. glad to know about the tomatoes. i really was puzzled.

  2. Karen4:57 pm

    I was only looking up tomato problems last night on the web and came to the conclusion that my tomatoes have blight. I have lost them all. And to think of all that watering that we did in the summer as well. At least it is not vertilliculm wilt which I first feared.

    The dog has picked ??? our one and only plum which we have been nurturing for weeks. The tree was only planted last year and it was our first harvest !!! He went off down the garden with my husband and while my husband was checking the plum, which was at dog height, he took it.

    Not a very successful gardening year so far apart from corgettes.

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if they could genetically modify other plants that kept cropping like corgettes do. Imagine strawberries which keep coming the more you pick, for months and months.

  3. Hi I am also having trouble leaving comments I have been trying for three days and system will not let me, I love your blog and can only hope my lottie will be half as sucessful as yours !

  4. Thanks Patsy - will keep trying.

    Karen loved your comment - especially the perpetual cropping suggestion. My tomatoes did not get blight, as they did not lose leaves or have discoloured ones, I removed them to let the sun ripen them. I too have read up about diseases and nothing seems to 'fit the bill' for what is happening to mine. I have lost so much of my crop - been a bit of a disasterous year for me too, crop wise.

    Still there is always next year.

    Thanks for persevering Welsh girls allotment - and for you kind comments. I am off to see what you have been up to


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