Sunday, September 18, 2005

Moroccan Vegetable Stew – Bulk Recipe

To make a smaller quantity just divide the ingredients by 2 or 4. The spices are the main measurements to get right The vegetable weights do not have to be too specific, best to use more rather than less though.

This is the basis for so many different meals – both vegetarian and meat dishes. A ‘must have’ in your freezer for all occasions.

Ingredients – Vegetables, spices, water.
12lb or more of mixed vegetables + onions and peppers
As an example here is the list I used today just because they were surplus to requirements, that I harvested yesterday, you can use pumpkins, potatoes, apples……….

6lb tomatoes
4 onions
2lb green beans climbing beans
2lb butternut squash and courgettes
Odd bits of parsnips and carrots
5 roasted red peppers
10oz dried apricots


1 level table spoon of turmeric

2 level dessert spoons each of
Ground Cumin
Ground Coriander

1 level dessert spoon of Ground Black Pepper
1 level teaspoon cayenne

Cup or two of water.

Place a glug or two of oil in the base of an appropriate size pan, on a medium heat on the hob. Soften the onions, add the tomatoes and gradually add the rest of the veggies, stir gently to mix all ingredients together. Add the list of spices. Stir well to incorporate evenly. Add a cup of water and stir well, but gently. Cook until all veggies are soft and add another cup of water if needed.

Spices – keep to the measurements above at first you can always add more if you like it spicy. This is meant to be in a concentrated form to freeze, so will taste hot. (I used heaped spoons full, but we like it hot and peppery). Adding water and other ingredients when defrosted dilutes the strength of the spices.
The picture shows the texture of the mix, ready to be frozen, before the mug of water was added. Two large portions weighing 1lb 4oz in total. We ate it for lunch with a wild and brown rice mixture. The different colours and textures make it really attractive to eat.
When defrosted add a mug of water per 2 servings of mixture.

Use this as the basic ingredients and add to these when creating a meal. It is great as a vegetable curry or a base for a mixed curry, add a banana or apple.

Amongst the things I add (in combinations or individually) after thawing are:
A tin of chick peas, chicken, rabbit, lamb, pork, sausages, fish, prawns, potatoes, pumpkin, apples….. the list is endless.

To make it a bit more authentic I add a handful of flaked almonds, just before serving, to the mix, to add a nice texture and crunch. I decorate with chopped fresh mint to serve.

Serve with wild, brown, or basmati rice. With couscous topped with mint or jacket potatoes, or good old mash.

This made 10 bags each weighing 1lb 4oz – (you get juices evaporating in cooking from the tomatoes)

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