Friday, August 26, 2005

A bit of a disappointment

I was going to put on a page of photos of the changes over the month of July on my lottie, but the little row of icon things that used to appear at the top of the blog have gone - vanished - and like my car incident - I really did not do anything - apart from.....A message popped up and I had to key in the randon letters etc which had something to do with adding photos... so I did as I was told. Do you think that could have been the cause. Any suggestions let me know.

So you can't see the views from the end of my lottie, lovely country views, over a field of corn, or barley, or - well it is golden and has ears, and I suspect that it is barley as they use barley straw for the pigs on the farm next to me. Do you know why? I do. Answer at the the end of this page.

How high can a munt jack deer jump? Can anyone tell me? I assume is it that species of deer as the footprints in the wet soil were cloven. Something is eating the potatoes, just pawing out one or two at the top - the big ones of course, and whatever it is has big teeth,you can see the marks, and they eat half of it. Old Geoff reckons it is deer too as he has seen them now and again. I wondered if it was worth the effort of putting up something on top of the 3 ft fence, but I see the rabbits have scratched several entry points underneath it so it probably is not worth the bother now.

I dug up a row of Wilja yesterday, 15 seed potatoes produced a huge harvest. So much so that I hurt my back lifting the plastic container onto the wheelbarrow. I keep forgetting that I am 55 with a dodgy back and not 18 with the strength of... hmm I can't think of anything lady like and if I say Ox you will conjure a weird picture of what you may think I look like. I was going to post my picture on the site last night, truly, I had bucked up courage and the thing prevented me from doing so - didn't think I looked too bad either!

Have you looked at the link I have added. I just can't stop reading it, and there is so much info on there and more links, although Plot 37 link it seems to have finished in February. I hate it when that happens don't you? I have such an active imagination, I was lying in bed trying to work what was the reason. He did so much work on it and was even installing a green house. Did he move? Is he still working out how to finish putting together the greenhouse? Perhaps he is just too busy, or maybe he had trouble with the page like me. I would love to know how he is getting on so that I can compare notes. He started about the same time as me, but was so organised and neat.

It is Bank Holiday weekend, and I am expecting the doorbell to ring any moment so had better go and squirt a bit of Coco Chanel on, and put the final touches to my Maroccan Chicken Stew with Cous Cous (recipe from the Organic Cook Book) which will be followed by Banoffee Steamed Pudding with butterscotch sauce and double cream or vanilla icecream (recipe curtesy of the Daily Mail Leith recipe of the day). I should have given it a dummy run to check it works out all right but I feel in a reckless mood. Fingers crossed. It was so easy to prepare and you cook it in a microwave for 8 minutes - how easy can that be!

They are here. Have a good weekend and hope the sun shines on your sweetcorn - and especially the big beef tomatoes.

Please leave any comments you think fit.

Oh nearly forgot.

They use barley straw because it is the most absorbant and soaks up all the wee and stuff. I can vouch for its absorbancy as I have used it as a mulch around things and it stays wet for ages, so I don't have to water - which is just as well as I don't have water on tap up my lottie.

Don't forget - if you have any ideas why the icons went I will be relieved to hear about it.

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